I was inspired by Kenneth Reitz's list of personal values to produce one of my own. The list isn't static, it will evolve with time. These aren't rules, only guidelines.

  1. Time is your only currency; allocate it sparingly.
  2. Obsession is an easy way to focus.
  3. Laziness is a virtue.
  4. Perfection is unattainable, but sometimes worth pursuing.
  5. Aim to fail often and learn from it; success is overrated.
  6. Intuition, logic and passion are a powerful combo.
  7. Calculated risks are less risky than taking no risks at all.
  8. Ask forgiveness, not permission.
  9. Collaboration beats competition.
  10. Never stop learning and therefore teaching.
  11. Ask for opinions, but feel free to disregard them.
  12. Never compromise on your honesty, loyalty and authenticity.
  13. Forgive others for your own inner peace.
  14. Believe that people are really good at heart; this is the foundation of hope.
  15. Family, friends and love comes first; life is relationships.
  16. Choose to be happy, if not for your own sake, for those who care about you.
  17. Be gentle with yourself.