As coders, unlike most other fields, we're encouraged to copy from each other. Of course, I don't mean outright plaigiarism, but taking inspiration from someone else's code / design or copying some bits is generally acceptable. I love that about my field. 😍

People I've learnt from

I would like to acknowledge and thank the kind coders I've learnt or copied from. I imagine this will become a huge list in no time.

  1. Real-Time Blog Post Views With Next.js and Firebase, Lee Robinson
  2. Create A Newsletter with Next.js API Routes and Mailchimp, Lee Robinson

Products that I use in my website

I mostly use opensource/free stuff.

  1. React.js - JavaScript library for building UI
  2. Next.js - React framework for hybrid static & server rendering
  3. Vercel - Hosting service for Next.js
  4. GitHub - Version control
  5. SWR - React hooks for data fetching
  6. React Testing Library - Easy and fun way to test my code
  7. MUI - React UI library
  8. Buttondown - Elegant tool for producing newsletters
  9. MDX - Tool to convert my Markdown + JSX posts to HTML
  10. Firebase database - a cloud-hosted NoSQL database I use to store view counts
  11. Pexels and pixabay - Free stock photos

I also pay for some of the services I use.

  1. Hyvor Talk - a commenting platform ($5/month)