My 2021 New Year resolutions

31 December 2020
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Whoa! What a year, huh? I had such high hopes for this year having only just moved to London and finally made my hobby into a career. However, looking back, this year was just crap. 😞 I realise that the end of this year won't magically cause all my problems to disappear. However, it still feels nice to think of this as a time for a reset. 🙃 In this article, I will talk about my New Year resolutions.

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1. Get healthier

A carry-over goal from last year. Both physically and mentally, 2020 took a massive toll on me. In particular, losing access to the gym during lockdowns was a shock to my system. 😭 However, I realise now that all I can do is adapt to the situation and whatever curveballs life might throw at me. Shout out to my parents for inspiring me! No matter what happens next year, I want to make sure I get enough exercise, eat healthily and take care of myself. 💪

Taking a break during my workout. Maybe a New Year resolution
should be to cut down on the number of selfies I take! 🤔
Taking a break during my workout. Maybe a New Year resolution should be to cut down on the number of selfies I take! 🤔

2. Speed up at programming

I'm nowhere near as fast as I'd like to be at programming - both at work and in my personal projects. :running: Partly, this is because I have so much more to learn. I want to continue to learn as much as I can next year, especially about front-end development and AWS. 🤓 However, there are also many behavioural changes I can work on to improve my efficiency. For example, I need to better focus on what I need to deliver and avoid going off course. Thankfully, I have an incredible team to draw inspiration from and learn from.

3. Become conversational at Spanish

I've been trying to learn Spanish for several years on and off. 🇪🇸 This year I decided to make it a priority, and I am happy about my progress. I am grateful to my friends, Ruzin and Sharmila, for motivating me, and my teacher Claudia. 🙏 My goal is to be able to converse with my Spanish friends by the end of next year. ¡Buena suerte para mi! 🤞

4. Create more content

I previously had a blog at It was made using Hugo, a go based static site generator. It worked quite well for blogging, but I didn't feel very confident modifying the website myself. Therefore, this year, I migrated to My new website uses the Next.js framework and React.js, which I already know and love. 🥳 I'm also psyched to have added support for MDX which allows embedding JSX within Markdown. 😏 Basically, it means it'd be straightforward for me to add cool new features in my blog articles. I'm pretty happy with the result. Now that the stage is set, I want to write as much as I can in 2021 and improve my writing skills. As you can see in the video below, I also experimented with YouTube this year. 🎬 Videos could help me explain stuff that I just can't through writing. However, making videos also takes a lot more effort. I want to make more videos next year and decide whether I want to keep doing it in the long-term.

5. Search for a life partner

Career-wise, I'm fairly confident that software development is what I want to dedicate the rest of my life to. Now that's out of the way; I want to focus on finding my life partner. 😊 A new goal for this year. I just hope she exists. 😅


There are other goals I wish I could set for myself, e.g., learn to play the piano. Unfortunately, there simply isn't enough time. 😭 This is probably more than enough goals for this year to keep me busy. It'd be awesome if I could achieve some of it. 🤞 Have you decided what your New Year resolutions are?

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