My 2021 goals review

19 December 2021
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It's that time of the year, and I wanted to take some time to review what this year has been like and what I'd like to achieve in 2022.

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2021 goals review

Around this time last year, I wrote about my 2021 new year resolutions. Here is a quick review.


Get healthier

I was depressed for most of the first half of this year. In the 2nd half of the year, I felt a lot of stress and anxiety. I injured my back again during a holiday and cut back on exercise. I also gained about eight kilos in the last year, mostly from eating fast food.

Speed up at programming

I've got significantly faster at coding. I also completed a couple of designs at work that boosted my self-confidence.

Become conversational at Spanish

I've improved a lot and can hold a conversation with my Spanish teacher. However, I don't yet have sufficient vocabulary/grammar to converse easily with others.

Create more content

I wrote seven new blog articles this year. I'm fairly happy with my progress.

Search for a life partner

As impossible as this goal felt at the start of 2021, I fell in love with an amazing woman. My raison d'être.

Goals for 2022

Here are the new goals I want to achieve in 2022.

1. Get good at programming

I want to continue to improve my programming skills. At work, I want to:

  • Get faster at solving more straightforward problems.
  • Handle more complex problems and designs.

At home, I want to learn technologies that I don't use at work:

  • Get comfortable with Go - as my 3rd language.
  • Develop a medium complexity mobile app using React Native.
  • Learn to use Google Cloud.
  • Collaborate with my partner (who is also a developer).
The Go Gopher
The Go Gopher

2. Become conversational in Spanish

A carryover goal. I started reading Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in Spanish this year. I enjoy this, and I want to finish reading it by the end of next year. I also want to continue practising Spanish with my teacher every week.

Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal
Harry Potter y la piedra filosofal

3. Create YouTube content

A carryover goal. I want to give YouTube video making a real shot in 2022. And it's okay if I only create 1-2 videos and decide to give up after that. 🎬


The older I get, the more I want to spend time just relaxing, either by myself or with my loved ones. Therefore, it's important not to commit to doing too many other things. Goals 2 and 3 above feel easy enough to do as long as I'm committed. Goal 1 is a bit demanding, but given coding is my only real hobby these days, it should also be achievable. I'm looking forwards to 2022. 🥳

Thanks for reading my last article of the year. I wish you a happy new year!

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